We have produced a code of conduct written and produced by our own scouts.

The idea was to engage our scouts in writing their own code of conduct, so the rules produced were their own; and not something we have imposed. The final list has been a collation of all the rule idea’s produced, obviously with all things; there were some that we could not use; having said that we were very pleased with the results.


We also have introduced a card system, whereby we use a yellow and red card system.


Any infringement of the code of conduct can result in a yellow card; obviously this will be down to the leaders discretion. This is a warning that their behaviour is unacceptable. If the individual’s behaviour continues to give concern then a RED card can be issued. This will result in the scout concerned missing the next week of scouts; they will also have to explain to their parents why they have received this. We do not enjoy enforcing rules like this, and hope we will not have to use them.

We would just like to add that since the introduction of the code of conduct, there was a marked improvement during the evening activities.


      Code of Conduct




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